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Welcome to the New Onezumi.com Website!

Hi Everyone and welcome to the new Onezumi.com website. This is the new home of the “Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos” comic. As a result of the change of website backend, we’ve decided to make a brand new start of things.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this is literally the first post of the site. We have chosen not to bring over the nearly 700 news posts from the “Classic” site. Additionally you’ll notice that the comic above this post is also the first comic in the archive. We’ve also chosen not to bring all 450+ comics from the Classic site into this one.

What does this mean? Well, first off the Classic site is not being taken down. You’ll see that there are 2 links on this page–one to the index of the Classic site and one to the Archive of comics on the Classic site. We are not ditching anything that came before, but are moving forward starting from this point.

Moving forward though means moving backward in time slightly. The new archive here will actually be a small retelling of events from the Classic comic, but in a new way. Starting today and updating daily we will move through the storyline until we reach the cliffhanger last comic of the Classic site. In many cases this means that we will be adding to and updating some comics as we go. So even if you’ve read every comic and know things inside and out, expect to see new plot points or new material show up nearly constantly as we go.

It should take us 2 months of daily posts to get back to where we were. Once there we will then go back to the regular Tuesday/Friday update schedule. Imagine that this is the graphic novel treatment of the comic, where things get tweaked and new bridging material is added.

5 Responses to “Welcome to the New Onezumi.com Website!”

  1. CW Cobalt says:

    Congratulations on the new look!! I wish you much and long lasting success in your relaunch. May Chaos shake in little lace booties for all eternity as you rock reality in all it’s ectoplasmic forms!

  2. harknell says:

    Hey, thanks man. We hope the new site design really helps make things better for everyone reading and using the site (and really helps us to post new stuff).

  3. -onezumi- says:

    Y thank you, Mr. Cobalt! :D

  4. Rhender says:

    This is lovely, you are inspiring me to gut mine and start fresh. I am loving thepaiting style.

  5. Onezumi says:

    :D @ Rhender. Yes you totally should make arts!!!

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