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Why is it this cold?

It’s really, really freaking cold. @_@ It’s actually only a few degrees warmer in Florida than it is here in NJ.


People always ask me why I don’t like the cold. I had a lot of surgeries on my feet that make it extra painful when it gets cold. I’m limping about. Sucks! Of course, I am me…so it still hasn’t stopped me from exercising 5x a week at 5:30AM before going to my day job then returning home to do all of this…and a few more things. I think I have figure out that I need to have a heater near my feet at all times. I also have jaunty monkey slippers. I think I have learned to will pain away. Well..not really. XD

Anyhow, I hope it’s warm where you guys are. I have an alpaca fleece thing I am wearing now. It is necessary.

Oh, also my landlord’s cat invaded my apartment. I had to give him back to my landlord, but I swear for awhile he thought this was his apartment and not ours. Here is a picture of him from last spring…his name is Blackie:


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