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Coffee is better than ice

I have realized that the problem with hand drawing the comic is scanning it. The art boards that are standard are 11 x 17 and my scanner is too small. :/ So, I am outsourcing the scanning for now. It causes a delay sometimes. Blah!

I should mention that the extremely popular Coffee is My Homeboy shirt is now back in stock in all sizes in both men’s and women’s styles. I don’t know how long it will be in stock, so if you want one, get it now.

The other popular meme is people complaining that book 1 still hasn’t come out. I have a printed proof that I’m going over this week, so it is going to come out soon-ish. It is a lower priority than some of my other projects for the time being. I’m not one of those people who wanted a print career, but went web. The book seems to be the last piece of the puzzle considering everything else that I do with companies and speaking and teaching and making conventions. That doesn’t mean that it’s not important or awesome – that just means that I don’t think I’m getting rich on a box of books. Since there is only 1 Onezumi with 2 hands, critical tasks came first. I am very excited to do the best job on it, though. That’s the other reason why I waited until I had the time to give it the attention it deserves. It will have a lot of bonus content. Consider this site the rough draft and the book the real story.

One Response to “Coffee is better than ice”

  1. Everything is better with Chocolate.
    For pure awesome…

    Dark. Chocolate. Covered. Espresso. Beans.
    Seriously, amphetamines of the frakkin’ Gods.

    And too true, scanning two halves of a large artboard and stitching them together in PS IS one of the classic art pains-in-the-butt out there.

    BOOK???!!!!??? Huzzah!!!

    OMGods, didn’t I do the early layout stufzz in … um… *whispers* … 2009? Aw35om3!

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