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Katsucon, Podcasts, and Work

We have a few things to talk about today.

First off we just added our newest podcast to our Itunes account, so for you guys who have iPods or other i devices can go grab it from there. For the rest of you, check it out here: February 2011 podcast.

In another bit of news, We’re at Katsucon this weekend (February 18-20th) with both a Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos table, and an Intervention table. We’ll be taking registrations at the con by cash or credit card, and of course selling plush owls and all of our other stuff.

I’d suggest checking out our schedule page to find out where we’ll be, but we’ll be at our table(s) anytime else when the room is open.

Obviously we’re working a lot, but today’s comic is about trying to squeeze more work out of those who potentially are past the squeezing point.

One Response to “Katsucon, Podcasts, and Work”

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