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Comic 66 : Grand Ideas In Furthering Medical Science (link to this comic)   Comic RSS Feed


Drug Shenanigans

Remember back in the day when it was illegal for drug companies to advertise on TV? I miss those days. Some of the commercials seem aimed at scaring people, some of the commercials don’t make any sense, and there seems to be a bajillion penis drugs. My doctor told me he gets a lot of freaked out patients who think they need some drug that they saw on TV when they really don’t.

Isn’t it one of those erectile dysfunction drugs that has the naked couple sitting happily on the lawn in 2 separate bathtubs? What is THAT all about? “2 douchebags, 2 tubs”? Is this like a meme for idiots or something? Imagine if you saw this whacked out crap in Martha Stewart’s yard? You’d be like HOLY CATS IN THE FACE I AM RUNNING AWAY AND CALLING THE IDIOT POLICE. It just doesn’t make sense!

I have an idea! Lets spend some of this money that is spent advertising all of these penis drugs and scaring people on something important-like curing cancer! If cancer only occurred in the penis, I’ll bet we’d have a cure already. :/

The best part is when they read off all of the side effects in these annoying commercials. Some of those tend to sound really scary, like, “Side effects may include spontaneous combustion of your face or you might crap from your eyeballs.”

I had my own ideas…

6 Responses to “Drug Shenanigans”

  1. Eric Thomas says:

    I think that’d be a much more interesting side affect than the crap these commercials have. But I think the best side affect of all time is that anti-depressants ‘may cause suicidal thoughts or tendencies’. That’s pure genius; a drug that has the exact opposite effect than it’s supposed to.

  2. Scott9393 says:

    Don’t forget the ads for class action lawsuits scavenging for folks who may have been affected by a drug-gone-bad. “If you have ever taken X and suffered one of the following: cancer, dancer, comet, blitzen, shortness of pants, or DEATH, you are entitled to cash money. Call us at 1-888-blahblah.” Death? What, you’re gonna call back from the other side to talk to a LAWYER? Oy.

    • Onezumi says:

      Oh yeah! Those are depressing! They usually air during the day when all the depressing commercials seem to air at once! They seem to be trying to teach people new diseases solely so they can make claims.


  3. When the voice-under with all the side effects and symptoms runs half again as long as the commercial itself … i just want to RUN AWAY. And I never got the two bathtubs thing either… how is that romantic?

    But my favorite is still, “erections lasting over four hours require immediate medical attention”. Classic. I can imagine some poor dude staggering into the ER… sounding like The Fly. “Help me… Help Me… there’s no BLOOD in my BRAIN… ”

    But My wife pointed out that if I tried to get on her for four freakin’ HOURS, I’d NEED medical attention. Because she’d have… discouraged me… with a FRYING PAN.

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