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The Terrifying Truth Is The Light Of Day

It’s been a rough week for Onezumi, that’s why the comic was slightly delayed. I think after you look at it you’ll get a feeling for how things have been.

5 Responses to “The Terrifying Truth Is The Light Of Day”

  1. Eric Thomas says:

    I think we’ve all experienced that at times. Sorry to hear your week was bad.

    • Onezumi says:

      I am really looking forward to the weekend! Technically it’s my birthday weekend! :D (I hope I don’t have to work all weekend…)

  2. I’m with you.I’ve alread got about 30 hours of overtime this year,and If I hadn’t taken Vacation for the cons I’d be pushing 50.And my department is the slow one some people have 70+ hours of overtime so far

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