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Having an off day…so here is My Little Wonder Pony

Yeah, we’ve had a rough weekend due to bad luck. Now both Harknell and I are fighting off some sort of illness. We spent the past 2 days like zombies. I think that we have mostly fought it off thanks to Cold-Eeze, Hot Toddys and rest, but it is now at the stage where we feel like we’ve been both punched up the spine a billion times and thrown off a cliff.

If you haven’t read about our recent appearance at Katsucon and our Mardi Gras mini party, go and read that.

Since I did a VERY NSFW piece criticizing the portrayal of female superheroes (Wonder Woman was one of them) I decided to do a piece about how awesome the character is. I actually like these characters, I just don’t feel that how they are portrayed always appeals to me.

We don’t feel well. Today you get a pony. Which is also weird, but give me a break I am sick and I feel like I got hit in the face with a troll schlong like what happened in that one haunted house I went through.

One Response to “Having an off day…so here is My Little Wonder Pony”

  1. You’re not alone – The Major Label, Marvel and DC get so caught up in treating their strong female characters as cheesecake models, it gets in the way of the actual storytelling. Distracting at best, but can easily slide to degrading. Even as a teen age boy, I literally *cringed* when Power Girl, with the peek-a-boo cleavage outfit was introduced during “Crisis on Infinite Earths”

    David Brothers Over at Comics Alliance posted two brilliant pieces dissecting this issue.

    Art and Superheroines: When Over-Sexualization Kills the Story

    Art and Superheroines: Psylocke as Drawn by Greg Land vs. Jerome Opena

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