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Tired of politics

I am getting so absolutely exhausted with reading everyone’s political posts. It seems most of my friends list is full of it.

At the same rate, I know a lot of shit is going on and I don’t feel right asking people to stop. People need to talk about injustice, the problem I have is that there is no reliable off switch for when I am at my maximum stress level. In the old days, you could just turn the TV off. It’s a bit harder to shut out your friends.

Never in my life, did I think that Women’s Rights would be an issue this large in 2012.

If I have to give my uterus a samurai sword, I will.

But anyway, I’m so tired of politics, I’d rather talk about something more fun. For example, my birthday is coming up this April 12th. I’ve told Harknell that he has to get me a cake covered in fondant, since we never had a wedding and I have never tried a fondant cake.

For those of you out there who want to get me something, please just donate to my geek convention, Intervention or register to attend. That’s all I care about.

Ah, we also are having a meetup if you care to hang out with us. Click here for details.

One Response to “Tired of politics”

  1. Kind of hear you. For a good chunk of my life, politics was sort of a background noise, sort of an off-key soundtrack to my lift. Then there was Bush II…. And of course I had KIDS.

    So, for some reason I seem to care now – esp. since our leadership seems to have embraced the Asshat side of the Force.

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