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Comic 239 : A Long Time Coming (And Going) (link to this comic)   Comic RSS Feed


That Was A Long Corridor Indeed

So, we are back in the comic publishing business again! We took quite awhile off of both comics while we got our event Intervention up and running, but now that things have stabilized there we wanted to get back into the webcomics game.

And with our return a few things have changed.

First off, I’m now the primary writer for S&IDAC. Previously I edited many of the scripts Oni wrote, and suggested some stuff, but she really wants to focus on the “My Annoying Life” comic, so she asked me to take over the duties here. Of course she will still have a high level of input into the scripts, and contribute her unique art style spin on things, so you will still see the same high quality of stupid crap you’ve come to expect from us.

I’m very excited over the direction we plan to take things, and we hope you are strapped in for the ride–or at least settled in in a better way than the unfortunate orc that Oni dragged down the corridor in today’s strip.

3 Responses to “That Was A Long Corridor Indeed”

  1. Hot diggity! So glad to see the comic back, and looking forward to Harknell’s script scribblings :)

  2. I have SO totally missed Teh Crazy. Bring it on!

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