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Disney, Doing Their “Thing”

When the news was first announced many months ago Harknell and I actually seemed to be the only 2 people not upset about Disney buying Marvel. What we thought would happen did happen – better things have been released, better merchandise is more readily available, and Marvel books are now getting better shelf space in stores.

I guess that many people still believe that geek or nerd culture is underground like it was years ago and were upset that The Man was coming into their world. I have news for them – The Man is already here and he’s in your living room eating your hot dogs.

I have to laugh when those who decry commercialism still post about what they’ve bought from the same large corporations they purport to be against. Geek is actually super popular and trendy right now to the point that I can’t wait until this fad dies down. I’m the jerk who just likes what she likes and gets easily tired of hearing about things when they are in her face all the time. I know that the reason I could no longer stand anime was because people kept throwing it in my face all the time every day. I think I’m turned off by overt obsessiveness. Yet than again I quietly obsess over whatever it is that I like. I am possibly a dumbass. There’s that. I’m well on my way to be either Stedtler or Waldorf.

My reaction about the Marvel acquisition was only remarking that one large company was just going to be swallowed by another large company again. This is disturbing only because of that concept. As I predicted everyone ate up what Disney Marvel was selling just as fast as they were complaining. But is Marvel being owned by Disney really that different than the corporation that Marvel already was? It’s not like Marvel was a family-owned company.

Today’s comic was our absurd joke on what we felt people might have been fearing. Heh!

4 Responses to “Disney, Doing Their “Thing””


    I’m frakkin 54, and I liked sushi and tex-mex back in the gorram 80′s BEFORE it was hip, dammit. How hipsters swear they OWN that shit.

    But suck it, trend slaves. I’ll STILL be eating sushi and tex-mex when you asshats have moved on to some messed up shit like organic brussles sprouts dipped in artisinal goat cheese fondue or some shit.

    Gods, I need a shot of Jamesons. Oh, Disney, PLEASE don’t frak up Star Wars.

    • Onezumi says:

      Yeah, I’m of the attitude to just enjoy and let it be these days. Just do what you like. :D I am optimistic about Star wars since they’ve done such a great job with other franchises.

      • Well, unlike George’s later incarnations (man, crap on your own mythology, holy crap) the Disney folk do have some notion and a decent track record about how to tell a story.

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