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Comic 144 : Another Not So Healthy Situation (link to this comic)   Comic RSS Feed


A Disruption In The Artistic Force

I know so many hard working creatives who could have their own businesses, but the cost and confusing nature of health insurance in America is just too high and/or daunting to get past. People with great motivation and talent are stuck working dead end job after job because the need for health insurance shackles them to a company. It’s sad to me. It’s institutionalized slavery.

I grew up without healthcare. When I could finally afford a dentist I had 13 cavities all at once. To this day I have medical issues that could have been avoided if I had been able to get medical care. It can’t be fixed. I will live in chronic pain for my entire life.

It’s as if some seem to think that it’s someone’s fault for not having healthcare generic cialis cheapest price. This to me is bullshit. I was abandoned by my birth mother and kept in a state of legal limbo until I was 12. It is not a child’s fault and how dare anyone claiming to be pro-life not care about the welfare of children that are born? I had no access to any sort of healthcare. The only thing I ever got was the stuff that you had to get to be accepted into school. I remember many times being unable to start school because my family couldn’t afford to get me the exams.

It’s different today. Most jobs in my area don’t even offer healthcare. I’m lucky enough to get insurance through Harknell, but I live in fear of getting a disease. If I become unable to work I would literally be finished.

9 Responses to “A Disruption In The Artistic Force”

  1. Hey Lady,

    As you know, I am self employed, having been exiled from corporate indenture post 9/11. I have a frightfully costly health plan via Healthy NY. It’s seriously “hit by a bus coverage”, just the basics,drugs and emergencies. just me and Heather. One kid is on CHIP and the College (REQUIRED) plan, and the older guy is uninsured as he aged out of CHIP and not in college.

    I even switched to a high deductible version to try and save money, and it’s still killin’ us. It’s nearly $800/month, and it went up again this month. When I freelanced in the 80s, it was $250 a gorram QUARTER.

    And too true, most entry level jobs out there, *especially* for creatives of all kinds, have no benefits at all. Some of them don’t even FUCKING have PAY.

    “Intern”, anyone?

    So, OH YEAH — I look both ways before crossing the street!

    • Onezumi says:

      If I were single I’d be in serious trouble. I haven’t even SEEN a job offer benefits since 2007. And that job was paying below what you have to make in NJ to pay basics.

  2. Rachael says:

    There is an honest-to-goodness guild for graphic artists out there, and some of their chapters band together to offer insurance to their members at a price that I imagine would be more reasonable than what would be available to an individual. I know I was considering when I thought I would have to go freelance after getting laid off. Thankfully I found another FT job with insurance before too long. Still, the guild looks pretty worthwhile. I really should join one of these days. :)


  3. bree says:

    Only problem with these guilds is that their insurance rates are still ridiculous and pay for very little. Freelancers Guild has premiums that are just out of reach for most people, and still not that great.
    I, myself, am barely able to afford the cheapest insurance out there and I have to pay out the ass for every little thing I need. So I just don’t go to the doctor for things that, in civilized countries, would be fixed in one visit.
    People can’t actually pursue their dreams as entrepreneurs here anymore. If you’re paying a third of your income in rent, a third in taxes, and a third or more for premiums (without even getting to see the doctor), that leaves little for food or anything else.

    Most people don’t even know that it’s better outside of America. It’s something that if we don’t band together to change, we will be under institutionalized slavery forever!

  4. Agreed, I looked at both AIGA and the Graphic Artists Guild and was not impressed with the coverage/price, at least in NYS. Brutal.

    One of the potential downfalls of America, is when the 90% are all homeless, bankrupt, and ill, we won’t be BUYING MUCH or PAYING ANY TAXES. That’s when the whole house of cards can collapse. No wonder the Republithugs want to do away with all social services. Gotta get rid of that costly safety net before the 90% land in it!

    Meanwhile Congress has the “Everything. Free. Forever.” Health Plan… on the taxpayers dime.

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