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A True Rainy Day Story

Since we only have like 3-5 months of warm weather in New Jersey its like a cataclysm when Spring rolls around. It’s like everyone driving recklessly playing their stupid music really loud with the windows down. The desperation is evident.

I live near a park so I like to bike a lot. I hate stationary bikes and besides – I don’t own one. I am really dedicated to my fitness regimen.

So basically what I’m saying is that this comic really happened and I had brown mud go up my ass.

2 Responses to “A True Rainy Day Story”

  1. Does your bike have fenders? I consider them mandatory in South Florida, where the rain catches you anywhere, anytime, even out of a clear blue sky. I also keep a rain poncho in my purse at all times, heh. Tropical World Problems.

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