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Meh The World

It’s kind of depressing to me that everything these days seems to be cheap and disposable. I don’t know how clothing companies can exist when they price their clothing way higher than it would have been 10 years ago and the quality is way lower than it would have been 10 years ago. There’s about 12 people who can afford to spend an ass and an arm on a piece of clothing that falls apart in 6 months.

H&M used to be a pretty good store for clothing that was ok, but would deteriorate over the next several months. Somehow a few years back they got it into their head to raise the price on everything. I stopped shopping there. I’d rather pay $5 more and get the versions of the clothing that lasts a few years rather than get the slightly cheaper stuff that doesn’t. They are good for accessories that you don’t use that much. I got an awesome decorative scarf there for $8. That will last forever because I don’t wear those very often.

Similarly with other businesses and…well…everything….it seems that people just don’t give a shit anymore. Many people are pissy ALL the time and aren’t wanting to do more than the minimum. At least that is how it feels here in New Jersey.

Is it just where I live or is it where you live as well?

It’s sad. Most of the neighborhoods here are populated with shuttered buildings because the politicians in charge have done an awesome job of stealing all of the money for themselves so that they can buy a 38th car. Then there’s the one business that purports to be a coffeehouse but they can’t make coffee so they decided to make Mexican food instead. I walked in and I asked them if they could make me a cappuccino since it said it was a coffeehouse on the outside, and it used to serve espresso drinks. Nope. They can’t make coffee anymore. This is a coffeehouse that only serves Mexican Food. What the hell.

I like Mexican Food but come on guys–that’s not a coffeehouse if there is no coffee/espresso in it.

It’s like no one gives a shit anymore and there is a haze of everyone not caring.

I then ask myself if this is really my life.

2 Responses to “Meh The World”

  1. Robster says:

    New Jersey isn’t alone (sadly) … I’m in the England (UK) and it’s just the same except for the currency – change the $ for £ and you’re here!

    H&M are fairly typical – poor quality, poor value and no coffee :)

    Fat Cats get fatter and everybody else just tries to scrape a living in the one chance we all get for a fulfilling life.


    • Onezumi says:

      That’s a shame. Generally people here think it’s better over there because of the healthcare. I don’t know that much about it though.

      After someone is so rich it’s not like more matters yet they still want it! WTF.

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