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Skirts are only ok in the Summer basically but I can pretend to be a celtic assjackal

I’m glad it’s Summer now. When it’s cold I HATE wearing anything other than pants. Skirts take FOREVER to put on in the morning when it is cold because you have to put tights on to keep warm. Those stupid things take forever to put on and are almost like sealing your butt into a plastic bag. You do the math. I hate them. It used to be that winter was pants weather and summer was skirt weather.

I actually found a workaround this past winter – leggings.

No, seriously. I don’t mean wear them as pants, I mean wear them the same way you’d wear tights. You can put them on just as quickly as you’d put pants on and they aren’t as butt-suffocating as tights.

So I guess the moral of the story is that it would be awesome to bring a claymore to work and maybe play Queen real loud in status meetings like an asshjackal

One Response to “Skirts are only ok in the Summer basically but I can pretend to be a celtic assjackal”

  1. “Heeeereeee we are! Born to be kings! We’re the Princes of the univerrseeeeee!!!!”

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