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Does anyone actually get raises anymore?

I am not a good barometer of this as I just landed my first-ever permanent job since early 2007. In that time I have been taking the jobs that are available in my industry which happens to be temporary contract positions where they basically treat you like if you are disposable pieces of wood. No raises there – just empty promises of an eventual full time position that goes away when the company goes out of business and closes the office.

I hear a lot about people getting pay cuts rather than raises these days. To me this is crazy because prices keep going up and it seems that you have to buy more things than ever to keep up. I used to wonder why things were so much cheaper in the 80s. Besides inflation, we didn;t have internet, mobile phones, or any of that to pay for. In my industry these are necessary items.

But we have pay cuts for many. This is a pile of bullshit.

Or buckshit.

One Response to “Does anyone actually get raises anymore?”

  1. I dropped you an email about this… but no, it’s NOT your imagination. Salon takes this on a a succinct, brutal piece.

    American middle-class prosperity is pure fantasy

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