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Comic 152 : Oni's NYC Journal Part 1 (link to this comic)   Comic RSS Feed


Seeing is Unbelieving

Oni just recently started going into NYC on a regular basis–and it’s been a bit of a “different” experience than what she was used to in NJ. As a result she’s been carrying her sketch journal with her and recording some of her experiences. Today’s comic will almost certainly be the least weird one–I’m sure she’s just scratched the surface of the things that are available in the city.

One Response to “Seeing is Unbelieving”

  1. Oh, NYC is just a never ending well of WYRD. Teh Terror and Delight is just beginning. Serious and the surreal side by side. With 8 Million souls, PLUS Commuters, all compressed into a singularity of humanity – the ends of the bell curve stretch WIDE.

    It can be an relentless assault to the senses for the unwary, or endless free entrainment – if you’ve had enough caffeine.

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