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Comic 154 : Oni's NYC Journal Part 3: Balls Gotta Be Free Apparently (link to this comic)   Comic RSS Feed


Riding on the NYC subway + dudebros

Look, if someone is bigger that is not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about this apparent phenomenon.

I have found that even the smallest guy can try to squish me. I had a particularly bad one the other day. This was actually on the train from NJ which is a 45 minute ride. I was sitting first but he comes right in and takes up 2/3 of the seat, placing constant pressure on my arm and leg while pushing me into the wall.

At first I was nice. I moved around to politely give him the hint. He didn’t relent.

So I pushed him. He still didn’t get it.

Eventually I just got up and left and said “IT’S COOL BRO, SIT WIDE!” The train conductor laughed at him for being a dick. No idea if he was sentient even spoke English or not. But whatever, dude. Whatever.

One Response to “Riding on the NYC subway + dudebros”

  1. Pier777 / Kimu says:

    I’ve noticed that guys in general do sit in a way to take up the most space. For example, they have to sit with their legs spread WAY wide. I do the opposite, due to my need to be considerate of other people… perhaps to a fault, trying to occupy the least amount of space. I have a feeling this is what women tend to do as well. Worst part is that I think this dickishness is purely subconscious.

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