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Help Support Your Local Defenders Against Chaos

Writing about us? Click here to download a high-res, printable Stupid and Insane promo graphic.

We need your help to keep this site going. There are a few ways to help, and not all of them require you to spend any money.

  1. Tell someone about us, and be sure to provide a clear URL ( http://www.onezumi.com ) for our website when you do it so that they can find us with the least amount of trouble. Remember, you are speaking to someone who might not even know what a webcomic is, so make the description clear and easy to understand. Post about us on your blog, email your friends, tell your favorite community about us. Spreading the word about what we do is more important than any financial contribution or purchase.
  2. Print out our Flier and give it to friends or drop it off at local hangouts (click image to download the PDF)
  3. Buy merchandise or order an art commission from our store.
  4. Do you shop at Amazon.com? If you click through this link when you are going to buy something, a small percent of the regular price will get donated to the upkeep of our website. It does not cost you anything extra. Better yet, bookmark Amazon through that link so that you always remember to use it.

  5. In Association with Amazon.com

  6. To help offset our costs we also have a paypal account for donations.

  7. Onezumi has a wishlist here.
  8. You could also link to us using one of the following banners:

  9. Friend me on Facebook.
  10. Become a fan of Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos on facebook.
  11. Follow me on Twitter.
  12. Join the Onezumi.com group on facebook.
  13. Friend me on MySpace.
  14. Submit some fan art for inclusion in the fan art gallery.

As always, simply coming to the site on a regular basis is the best support we can ask for. Thank you all for stopping by, we really appreciate it.

- Oni and Harknell

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