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Onezumi.com Art Terms Of Usage

Art Usage Rules

All of the images and content on this site are copywritten to Onezumi or Onezumi Studios LLC, unless otherwise indicated and may only be used with permission. We have worked very hard on this site, so we have a few simple rules for the usage of the images and content.

1. If you’d like to use our work on your website or as a forum avatar, please give us a prominent click-able credit and link near the image and/or in your signature file, and let us know about it so we can thank you. Do not bury the link in a pile of other links somewhere where nobody will see it. That is the same as not giving us a link or credit in the first place. We have no problem with people using our work for personal use – we just want credit.

2. You may not take, alter or build upon any of our images or content and claim that it is yours.

3. You may not use any of the images and content for commercial use. This means you cannot make money off of our work.

4. Do not remotely link images from our site. This costs us money. We will be able to see you doing it from our website log.

This is how we make our living. If you like an image, and would like to see us able to make more, please buy the high resolution prints or tell your friends about us rather than saving the low resolution watermarked images on the site.

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    Artwork Terms of Usage
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