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Welcome To The Classic Onezumi.com Website

Hi, you're viewing the Classic Onezumi.com website. This version of the site is no longer being updated because we've moved to the new site at http://www.onezumi.com, please update your bookmarks.

You can still look around this site, and it's main feature at this point is it holds the archive of original Onezumi.com comics.

After looking around here, Come Join us for the new adventures of the Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos.

--Harknell and Onezumi
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Video Tutorial: Shading in Photoshop

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All Tutorial Pages Copyright Onezumi.com 2004

These tutorials are written with artists, musicians, and other creative people in mind. We hope you find these helpful. These will be updated often. How often depends on how many requests we get for new tutorials. We do take requests, so if there is something you don't see, ask for it by clicking the "Contact Me" button on the top nav bar. Please visit Harknell.com for more help or just to share your ideas.

Section 1: Web Design Tutorials for the Artist, Comic Artist, Musician, and General Creative Person.
Section 2: Basic Art Tutorials.
Section 3: Drawing Comics, Onezumi Style.
Section 4: The Business: Street Smarts and Random Thoughts for Modern Creative People.
Section 5: Reviews of programs, art supplies and suppliers.

Web Design Tutorials for Art, Comics, Music, and other creative endeavors.

Harknell keeps the web design tutorials on his website AWSOM.org.

Basic Art Tutorials

  1. Before You Begin: Keep it in Perspective!: Don't fall for skilled marketing.

  2. Making the Basic Sketch with Non-Photo Blue: Why is non-photo blue important when you draw by hand?

  3. Scanning a Sketch: This is how to use your scanning software to import a sketch that you have drawn.

  4. Digital Inking with the Photoshop Pen Tool: Does the Photoshop pen tool confuse you? This tutorial explains how to use it.

  5. Making Your Lineart Transparent: How to make your lineart transparent like a clear cartoon cel. This tutorial is not necessary if you digitally ink your work like in the above tutorial.

  6. Coloring: Basic Flat Colors: Here is how she applies flat colors before shading.

  7. Coloring: Cell Shading: Cell Shading is how most Japanese, European, and American cartoons are shaded.

  8. How to Remove Lined Paper from a Sketch: By request, this is one method to salvage a drawing that was done on blue lined paper.

  9. Digital Lettering and Comic Speech Bubbles : An easy way to make your comics talk.

Drawing Comics, Onezumi Style

  1. Introduction

  2. The Work Resources Folder and the Comic Mat

  3. Sketch Your Guidelines

  4. Our First Video Tutorial!

  5. Our Second Video Tutorial: Shading Using Photoshop

The Business: Street Smarts and Random Thoughts for Modern Creative People

  1. Beware the Sharks: Protecting Yourself from Scammers : Every artist should read this article and pass it along to a friend.

  2. Promotion and Presentation: Don't be the Fat Man with No Underwear : Successful promotion for artists of all types in a nutshell.

  3. The Artist's Alley: What to Expect and What Not to Do: Showing your work and coexisting in the Artist's Alley.

  4. Logo Design 101: Theory: Things to remember when you start designing your logo.

  5. Video: Watch our MangaNext Panel: This is a link to a video of a panel we did at MangaNext in 2006. Some info on how we started, what we believe, and other random stuff.

  6. Perception Of Value: How you value your art affects how others perceive YOUR value as an artist.

Reviews of programs, art supplies and suppliers.

  1. Painter IX Review: : Great idea, terrible execution - buyer beware. This article explains why she feels this way and some alternatives.

  2. Step Away from the LCD Monitor. Now. : If you are going to be printing your work, you should calibrate your monitor so you know what color you are using. If you want to see what color you are using, you should not use an LCD monitor.

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