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Welcome To The Classic Onezumi.com Website

Hi, you're viewing the Classic Onezumi.com website. This version of the site is no longer being updated because we've moved to the new site at http://www.onezumi.com, please update your bookmarks.

You can still look around this site, and it's main feature at this point is it holds the archive of original Onezumi.com comics.

After looking around here, Come Join us for the new adventures of the Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos.

--Harknell and Onezumi
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Welcome to the information page for the "Epic Webcomic Win" Contest to be held at Katsucon 2008. Simply put, one lucky attendee of Katsucon 2008 will win at least one item from most of the webcomic guests at this year's con. The contest is open to all Katsucon attendees and requires filling out a small entry form that will be available at all of the webcomic guest tables. The contest winner will be picked on Sunday morning at random from all of the entries received.

The following webcomic artists will be contributing to the contest and have provided this information about their contest contribution(s):

And Announcing the Super Secret Bonus Epic Web Comic Win Contributers: Kaja and Phil Foglio! With their epic contribution of the first 6 of their Girl Genius Graphic novel compilations

Comic Site: Girl Genius
The First 6 (!) Girl Genius Graphic Novels

Comic Site: Onezumi.com
Any One T-shirt of their choice, and any 13 X 19 Poster Print

Comic Site: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Any One T-shirt of their choice, and Dr. McNinja Volume one book

Comic Site: Evil Inc.
Evil Inc Volume one and Two Books, plus Courting Disaster Volume 1 book

Comic Site: Comedity
One Penguin Plush Doll

Comic Site: AppleGeeks
AppleGeeks Power Symbol Bandana

Comic Site: Paradox Lost
Nasu T-shirt or any 3 Art Prints

Comic Site: Dead of Summer
ZomBelieve T-shirt

Comic Site: Blue and Blond
Blue and Blond Skull T-shirt

Comic Site: Hookie Dookie Panic
Any One T-shirt

Comic Site: Fragile Gravity
Fragile Gravity Volume one and Volume two books, signed

Comic Site: Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire
Dominic Deegan Volume one and Volume two books, signed
Comic Site: Snafu Comics
One Triforce T-shirt

Comic Site: Erfworld
Erfworld Original Artwork, signed (note: image displayed above is for illustration purposes only, it is not representative of artwork to be won)

Comic Site: Dueling Analogs
One "100% Otaku Guaranteed" t-Shirt

The Epic Webcomic Win contest is open to any regular Katsucon attendee and will have one (1) winner. Staff, Associates, and Guests of Katsucon are not eligible. Only one entry of the contest per Katuscon attendee is permitted. Duplicate entries will lead to removal of the entrant from the contest. If any prize items are not available at the time of the contest completion they will be sent to the winner by mail. No information received in the application to the contest will be sold or used by third parties nor will it be used for any purposes other than this contest or for fulfilling the shipment of goods to the contest winner.

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Getting Dumped

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